World BASC Organization

Basc Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Mission, Vision and Objectives


To generate a security culture in the supply chain trough the implementation of management systems and instruments applicable to international trade and related sectors.


In the year 2018, the World BASC Organization is an international reference on secure commerce, thanks to the trust of its associate members and strategic alliances established, towards a sustainable secure trade for the benefit of society.

Objective BASC

Promote safe international trade.

Specific objectives

  • To encourage the implementation of a security culture for the protection of international trade.
  • To establish and manage a security and control system of its own supply chain.
  • To Work in cooperation with Governments, border control agencies and international organizations.
  • To promote strategic alliances.
  • To generate confidence and credibility for companies and authorites.
  • To strengthen cooperation ties between the private sector and government.