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BASC Auditors

World BASC Organization has trained a select group of professionals, capable of conducting audits of the BASC Management and Security Control System of the founding companies or the member companies affiliated with the different Chapters recognized by the World BASC Organization.

Training of BASC Auditors

The auditor training program is developed with a theoretical-practical methodology supported by practical exercises that allow the development of skills for the participants on the main areas of the audits.


The candidates must have previous job experience in a technical, managerial or professional position involving the application of criteria, problem solving and communication with managerial or professional staff, clients or interested parties, and belong to companies or organizations related with a BASC Chapter in the city or region. In case there is not a BASC Chapter in the country where application is made, the candidate must have prior approval from the World BASC Organization.

The submission of this application does not imply automatic acceptance by the WBO. Likewise WBO will not have any obligation to explain its decisions of disaproval of the applications received. As a Private organization, the WBO reserves the right of admission .

Training Approval Criteria

All participants should be evaluated based on:

The continuous assessment of their performance during the course that include the evaluation of their participation, performance on workshops, dynamism and exams.
The grade obtained on the written exam must be equal or higher than 7.5/10. Those participants who obtain a grade below 6.0 will not pass the course.
Any participant that obtains a result between 6 and 7.4 must attend a new exam after 15 days from the end of the course and the grade shall not be below 8.
A 100% attendance record.


Scope of BASC Audits and Obligations of the Auditors

Scope of the Service

The auditors certified by the WBO are authorized to:

  1. Advise on the implementation of the BASC Management and Security Control System.
  2. Be hired by the BASC Chapters to carry on certification audits of the companies.
  3. Offer consulting services to the companies that ask for them.

Only auditors certified by the WBO are authorized to perform the on-site visits that produce the report. The reports must be signed by the auditor certified by the WBO and by a BASC company’s audit staff member.

The certification process and the BASC certificate is an exclusive issue of the WBO and its member Chapters.

Any BASC certification audit made outside of the procedures established by the WBO will not have a valid recognition.

The companies registered under the WBO are able to complete audit and assessment activities only through the employees previously trained by the WBO. These companies will be periodically audited by the WBO.

A company that is registered under the WBO to perform audit services is not authorized to perform audits to companies that have previously hired their consulting services, or companies with whom it has commercial relationships.

An employee belonging to the audit certified company and that has been trained by the WBO can only carry out consulting services or audit activities as long as he or she continues working with the registered company. Once the employment term ends, the status as a WBO certified auditor will end and will have no further recognition.

The audit companies that are registered are not allowed to use the corporate image (logo) of WBO. This restriction also applies to the auditors certified by WBO.


Obligations of the Auditors
The following principles apply to auditors:

Ethical Conduct - Professional behavior
Trust, integrity, confidentiality and discretion are essential during the course of an audit.

Fair Presentation - The obligation to inform in a truthful and exact way
The findings, conclusions and reports of the survey, reflect in a truthful and exact way the activities carried on during the survey. Significant obstacles found during the survey must be reported as well as unresolved aspects or divergent opinions between the audit team and the company.


Professional Care - The use of diligence and judgment during the audit
Auditors proceed with the care required according to the importance of the assignment and the trust placed on them by the audit clients and the interested parties. Competence is required.

Other principles relate to the audit process. An audit is by definition independent and systematic, and conformance with the following audit principles:

Independence - The foundation for impartial and objective audit conclusions
The auditors are independent from the audited activity, they do not assume positions and they do not have conflict of interest. The auditors must maintain an objective state of mind during throughout the audit process to ensure that the findings and conclusions are based only on the evidence.

Evidence - The rational basis for reliable conclusions in a systematic audit process
The audit evidence must be verifiable. It is based on available samples of information, taking into account that the audit takes place during a limited fragment of time and uses limited resources. The proper use of the samples closely determines the level of confidence that the audit conclusions produce.


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