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BASC Certification

BASC CertificateThe BASC Certificate

The BASC certificate is issued by the headquarter office of the Word BASC Organization and its processed by each of the organization's BASC chapters, authorized to conduct the audit and certification process according to WBO’s policies and it is annually renewed in accordance with the actual regulations.

BASC certificates are issued under a consecutive number and special security paper that identifies its authenticity and validitation. BASC certified companies are identified with their own designated code that entitles them for meeting the requirements and compliance of the BASC Security and Control Management system.

The BASC code is composed by the following sections:


The first three (3) letters correspond to the Country code of origin, the following (3) letters are associated to the city of the BASC chapter of membership. The next five (5) digits are related to the company’s certification number, followed by the number of facilities certified. The last digit, number of certifications otained by the Company.

For certification of companies in non BASC Countries, the Chapter code will be replaced by the initials of the city where the company is located.

Companies may search for BASC Companies and validate authenticy of the BASC certification through the our database of certified companies:

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