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Introducing Suzanne Lemaitre, the New Executive Director of the World BASC Organization

Suzanne Lemaitre - Executive Director of the World BASC Organization.
Suzanne Lemaitre - Executive Director of the World BASC Organization.

The Board of Directors of the World BASC Organization (WBO) is pleased to announce that Suzanne Lemaitre will assume the role of Executive Director of WBO at the headquarters in Miami, effective June 1, 2023. Her strategic vision and institutional knowledge will guide BASC in expanding its global presence, enhancing member participation and upholding the security culture that the Organization promotes in a harmonious manner in all sectors related to international trade.

As an international business and senior management professional, Ms. Lemaitre has dedicated over 20 years of her career to supporting the growth and prosperity of the private sector. She has worked with important business led - Organizations in the United States and Latin America, collaborating with governments and control authorities on economic development and supply chain security.

Ms. Lemaitre has spent part of her professional career with the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC), where she has worked since 2003 in various management positions, demonstrating a strong commitment to supply chain security, innovation and cooperation.

In her most recent role, overseeing the Administrative department, as well as Communications and Corporate Relations of WBO, Ms. Lemaitre was responsible for supporting the organization's positioning and growth strategy.

The Board of Directors is confident that Ms. Lemaitre will provide dynamic leadership to the World BASC Organization, building upon its strong foundation and leveraging emerging technologies to address evolving security challenges. She will work closely with the Board of Directors, the WBO International President, member companies, governmental entities, and international organizations to strengthen partnerships and create a more secure global trading environment.

We congratulate Ms. Lemaitre and wish her great success in this new role. Together, we look forward to strengthening global trade security, driving innovation, and creating lasting partnerships that benefit businesses and economies around the world.

About the World BASC Organization

The World BASC Organization is an international alliance of companies, committed to enhancing global trade security in cooperation with governments and international organizations. As the leading authority on secure commerce, the organization promotes the implementation of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) framework, fostering collaboration and facilitating trade while ensuring the highest standards of Supply Chain Security.